BP Radio Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

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If you register to create a BlackPlanet Radio account, you are also creating a Songza.com (“Songza”) account. Your same BlackPlanet Radio user name and password also can be used to login at Songza. By creating a BlackPlanet Radio account you consent to Company providing Songza certain information such as other BlackPlanet Radio users to whom your account is connected (“connects”), your song and station preferences (“thumbs up and down”), customized station/playlists information and your BlackPlanet Radio username (“BlackPlanet Radio Content”). Sharing your BlackPlanet Radio Content with Songza allows you to access all the music listening and sharing features that Songza provides to its general members. For example, as a BlackPlanet Radio member you may access and listen to the customized station/playlists of non BlackPlanet Radio but Songza members and vice versa. If you login at Songza using your BlackPlanet Radio username and password, the features and functionalities that you access on Songza shall be governed by Songza’s own terms of use and privacy policy, and Songza shall be considered a Third Party Site as defined in Company’s Terms of Service and as otherwise described in the Company’s Privacy Policy.